2 Free Ebook Template for Microsoft Word

If you don’t have time to design your own template design, you can choose one of belo pre-made template.

1. Template 1
With blue design this template make your ebook (pdf) looks professional and clean. This template can you download from here

2. Template 2
With orange color this template make your ebook looks cute. Download this template here

update : 1/11/2012
no date
Template-2 with date removed download here


  1. Harry Flos says

    Regarding “Template 2″… Is there a way to eliminate the “Month – Day – Year” on the bottom left side of the page, just above the name of the book? Thanks for a great template!

    • says

      that month – day – year using drawing tools so you need to click that hidden box first then remove the month-day-year, btw check new download link above with “Month – Day – Year” removed.

  2. Harry Flos says

    Hey Sentabi,

    I just thought I would let you know that the Month-Day-Year are still shown on the text pages!

  3. Harry Flos says

    Hi txcountrygirl, I again downloaded “Template-2 with date removed download here” and it still has “Month-Day-Year”. I guess I don’t understand how it off what you downloaded and is still on my download, strange!

  4. Harry Flos says

    Hi Sentabi,

    Yes I went to “Template-2 with date removed download here” and clicked “here” and the date is still there. I did it again prior to this post and the date is still there.

  5. Harry Flos says

    Hi Sentabi, I’m sorry for causing so much trouble and maybe I’ve been trying to explain the wrong thing. I’m talking about the bottom of the page going up the left side of the page where it currently says.
    “E-Book Title |. Month/Date/Year”
    This is also shown on the “update : 1/11/2012″ shown above. I also just downloaded from
    http://media.sentabi.com/2012/11/Ebook-Template-2.docx and the “E-Book Title |. Month/Date/Year” is there as well

    • says

      no worries.
      Which Office version do you use? I use 2010 one. Did you see the screenshot above? you want to have date remove like page on screenshot right?

      or I misunderstanding you?

  6. says

    Hi Sentabi,
    Thank you so much for posting these Ebook templates. I’ve spent ages trawling through OpenOffice and Word templates, but these are perfect for what I want.

  7. Dan says

    Hi really beautiful templates. Could you change Template-2 with date removed to doc format please. I can,t open the docx format on my older version of Word.

  8. says

    I really appreciate your ebook designs, I have created couple of ebooks which are being dull & not so good looking as well. Seeing your design is just set for me & my client. Really posted a very good templates.

  9. Joshua Waldman says

    To get rid of the month – Year on the left of the template, just switch to Publisher view and then view Mater pages.

  10. Edwin says

    I am not seeing how to get rid of the month date going up the left side of the page near the bottom. HOW do you get rid of it? I have word 2013 and I have nothing in VIEW that says anything about Publisher view….that Joshua suggested to do to get rid of that.

    Has Anyone found a way?


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