Radio Streaming (audio streaming) very popular now days, so many people opened their own ‘Radio Station’, but for bandwith usage this not cheap, espesially for country which bandwith is expensive, in United Stated maybe you easy to find provider who offer 20 mbps for $100, in another contry for $100 you only can get 1mbps and not stable, because audio streaming need a stable and fast connection, self hosted audio streaming became imposibble, but there are still few provider offer free audio streaming. Yes they are free.
1. Free Shoutcast Servers!
We provide free Shoutcast hosting for bands, artists, community radio stations and DJs that are unable to use paid streaming services, or anyone that just wants to have a go at broadcasting their own music or tank shows. With our fast, reliable servers, you don’t need to worry about your stream buffering when you get too many listeners for your connection to handle – we take care of the bandwidth requirements for you.
2. Free Shoutcast!!!
listen2myradio was established in 2006 as the first free shoutcast hosting company on the internet, and even today listen2myradio remains the biggest free shoutcast hosting company in existence. More than one million users have signed up to listen2myradio for both our free and premium services. We specialize in all aspects of streaming over the internet.

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